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Project Description

Portrait Innovations

A picture-perfect omnichannel experience

Design and implement an optimized customer experience that drives revenue across retail and ecommerce channels for a leading portrait studio chain

Identifying Opportunities to Delight Throughout the Customer Journey

Through field research with interviews and observations, our team identified key drivers of customer satisfaction throughout the process. By mapping the end-to-end customer journey, from advertising to initial contact though studio session to digital portrait delivery, our team developed an understanding of the current state, including pain points and opportunities to improve the experience.

Designing the Optimal Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Equipped with that information, we worked with the Portrait Innovations team to align their strategy with key moments of truth for customers. By helping internal staff connect with real customers’ experiences, we designed an ideal state that included recommendations to alleviate customer anxiety by improving preparation for the in-person session as well as increase revenue by enhancing post-session digital portrait delivery.

Maximizing E-Commerce Revenue Through Engagement

Our team designed an engaging digital experience for customers to continue a seamless relationship with the company even after their in-person portrait session. Creating and testing prototypes for an interactive photo gallery that maximized purchase opportunities, was easy to use and made customers feel great about their portrait session, resulted in a final product that increased revenue, customer retention and word of mouth marketing.

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