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We shape high-impact technology improvement projects for world-class businesses. Our clients bring the challenges and subject matter experts. We bring a fresh perspective and project launch expertise. Together, we'll align your business objectives with project goals and organizational appetite for innovation and improvement.

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Research | Design

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Campaign | Preference Testing

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Research | Strategy | Concepting | Staffing

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Our Advantage

We help teams identify and close organizational alignment gaps in the first 30 days of your project.

Besides à la carte, independent research, we only sell one thing—  a project shaping and documentation process built using lessons from every project we've ever done and all the clients we've ever worked with.

USEAGILITY Project Manifestos include:

  • a realistic, end-to-end schedule;
  • articulation of the business case for the project with OKRs;
  • stakeholder alignment activities;
  • analysis of existing technical documentation;
  • use case diagrams, user stories, and workflows;
  • system requirements;
  • functional design specifications;
  • plain language success/acceptance criteria for all technical components;
  • a design language system or style tiles;
  • recommendations for decision gates to require further research and evaluation;
  • and assessment of your organizational readiness to complete and support the project.

Our goal is to get you out the door with a strong foundation and clear path to completing your project with the perfect partner. That’s never going to be us. We don't have a business incentive to sell you anything but an honest plan.

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If you’re shopping for an external partner for anything from a new website to an enterprise-level product, schedule a meeting with us. We'll demonstrate our planning and alignment methods and provide a project brief at no charge.

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