Making the Case for UX

Business leaders are compelled by analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether you’re asking for additional UX resources or selling others on investing in UX, learn some of the strategies we use to sell the value of UX.

How and Why to Use a Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a useful tool to ensure a design is up to industry standards, but why use it? We break down what it is, who does it, and why you should consider utilizing it for your product or website.

Unmet User Needs Drive Innovation in Remote Learning

With the global spread of COVID-19, remote work and remote learning became the new normal. Even if students return to classrooms in the fall, opportunities for remote learning will continue to abound. eLearning companies have a timely opportunity to invest in design for the changed world.

4 Traits of Cultures that Breed Innovation

Creating a culture that fosters innovation is something many aspire to but few reach. To help organizations take a step towards building a culture that thrives on innovation, we provide an overview of 4 traits that are essential to creating an innovative culture and ultimately, transforming your products and disrupting your market.

Data, Data Everywhere, but Not a Straw in Sight

User behavior can be tracked through analytics (quantitative data), but without contextualizing analytics alongside user research and qualitative data, robust findings will be overlooked. With Engagement Analytics by Useagility, user engagement and workflows can be understood alongside KPIs to uncover pain-points and in-turn innovative solutions.

Getting Voice-First User Interface Design Right

Designing and building voice-first user interfaces are fraught with challenges. When designing interfaces with no visible features it is easy to overlook design requirements. For companies, discovering these requirements is essential to the successful use and adoption of voice-first user interfaces. We explore what companies should consider when designing and outline best practices for VUIs.

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