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Project Description

Construction & Agriculture | WEB & MOBILE
PlanIt Impact Architectural
Design Application

Enabling sustainable architectural design

PlanIt Impact is a web-based application enabling architects, planners and developers to access an aggregation of open data and explore building design scenarios in a real-time, visually immersive environment.

Left Quotation MarkWe were slowed down because we didn’t have a clear process for our app development. The unbiased critical-thinking, understanding, and structure that Useagility brought to our project was an important part of our success. They helped us focus so we could design and develop a better product and hit our deadlines more consistently.Right Quotation Mark
AIA – Founder & CEO, PlanIT Impact
Principal, DRAW Architecture + Urban Design
Dominique Davison, PlanIt Impact
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This inventive start-up needed user experience design expertise to simplify their complex process integrating open data with third-party architectural design applications. The goal: easily compare multiple versions of a project and share these versions with stakeholders.


Useagility first conducted interviews to learn about pain points derived from the complex domain and existing process. We then created and iteratively tested a simplified process that allows modeling of the environmental impact of different structural designs.

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