We helped our client research and design a modern solution to a legacy paperwork process for managing semi-truck drivers load and route assignments.

Optimal Workflow


Our challenge was to design a native mobile application (Android and iOS) to streamline core business operations for our client— a leading national trucking company. By understanding how truck drivers approach their work and empathizing with the challenges they face, we crafted a workflow that is intuitive to users and expedites business processes.


User Research And Insights to Optimize Workflow

We used the results of 150 surveys to validate the mental models and goals for viewing load assignment(s) and completing associated tasks in the mobile app. We gathered insights about driver motivations and work preferences to unlock innovative ways to make a complex operational ecosystem seem simple to users. 

We explored different conceptual approaches through low-fidelity concept sketches to get input critical for the UX strategy and to ensure that the designs would be accepted by users and drive business performance results. Getting validation from real users early in the process gave us confidence that we were solving the challenge effectively before we moved into visual design and development.

We created two prototypes that captured two different user flows that would help the user complete their goal— a “task-based workflow” (that focused on a “to-do” list and calendar) and a “trip-based workflow” that focused on a map and timeline.

“We needed an external partner who wouldn’t be afraid to tell us what our drivers really think. We also needed help designing the application to be usable today, while planting the seeds of innovation and disruption that can make a real difference longer term. I knew we couldn’t do that with a team that was mired in the day-to-day. Useagility’s team exceeded our expectations throughout the engagement.”

- Andy Glass Vice President, Operations


The Right Deliverables

The final deliverables for this client included a detailed interactive prototype showing interaction design and clear, complete visual style guides. We worked in close collaboration with their product and development teams throughout the process to ensure that everyone clearly understood the design as they implemented it. We made sure that the deliverables contained the appropriate level of specificity so that our client-side product and development team members could move forward quickly and efficiently.