A private education client wanted to improve user engagement and testing outcomes— we recommended solutions that nearly eliminated the need for support calls.

Goal-Based Research


Our client needed to improve student test scores and reducing support calls. They wanted us to help them improve user engagement, accommodate increasingly mobile users, and support easy access to assessments, tools, and other important learning content.


Understanding The Student Journey

Observations and contextual inquiry shaped our understanding of the nursing students’ frame of mind when using ATI’s resources. Understanding the users’ goals informed the fundamental UX design strategy. We started by following the path that students naturally take, so we could organize and align features with how students and educators think about the education and test preparation process. Recognizing that today’s nursing students aren’t sitting at desks studying but rather working in the field, we designed ATI’s tools to be accessed seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Quick, High-volume User Testing

Making sure the experience is right for users doesn’t have to slow down design and development. For ATI, we automated recruiting research participants, as well as parts of the testing, in order to facilitate hundreds of touchpoints with nursing students and educators. We quickly validated design choices and unlocked new opportunities through observational and goal-based research.

“We were just too close to our products in some ways. Useagility looked at them through the lens of an unbiased third party and also shared some of the latest design standards and techniques that they’ve learned from other projects. They knew what to look for and they knew what to recommend.”
- Mark Williams-Abrams Vice President of Product Strategy, ATI Nursing Education


Improved Client Satisfaction Scores & Reduced Support Costs

As a result of our work, ATI has seen student outcomes improve, along with an expanded client base, greater engagement with educational material, and significant increases in their net promoter score (NPS) and client satisfaction scores. Within two days of implementing the new designs, ATI had 500 students logging in—and received zero support calls. Two days later, 1000 students had accessed every area of the site and made only five calls—half of which were students complimenting the changes.