An AgTech company wanted to inform product strategy and prioritize enhancements based on user feedback— we studied their product with farmers in corn fields.

Customer Insights and Feature Prioritization


Our client wanted us to help them inform product strategy and prioritize enhancements based on user insights about features and functionality for an app that users relied on to manage farm-wide irrigation operations remotely.


Understanding What Users Value Most

The client sought to improve their product development process by prioritizing the product enhancements that users most want and need. We worked directly with users to understand their goals and determine the most important next steps for improvements to their remote irrigation control app.

Marrying Qualitative And Quantitative Research

In addition to contextual interviews, users completed System Usability Score (SUS) questionnaires to rate the usability of existing apps. This provided a benchmark for Valley’s current product and a baseline for new product development and enhancements.


Getting The Product Roadmap Right

First, we did our research—with a variety of users across different roles, crop types, and farm sizes to understand their goals and priorities. Then, we delivered a prioritized feature set that addressed these goals across user types. With this in hand, the client’s product team knew where to invest in improving the user experience of their current product as well as what upcoming product enhancements would have the greatest impact on customer engagement and satisfaction.