Our client wanted to create a task-management solution for scheduling, tracking, and alerts for truck drivers— we designed their MVP. 

Just Build the MVP


Help the our client prioritize the product features they’d have at launch by creating functional development requirements based in user needs and goals to kickstart design.


UX strategy and customer insights prioritize functionality and drive user adoption.

Building on our client’s initial designs, we created an interactive prototype and developed key workflows and tasks based on prioritized user goals to test with current and prospective users.

Observing users in 1:1 task-based testing gave us valuable data to help the client-team prioritize features and usability improvements in line with user goals.

Simplifying The Complex

We tweaked the design based on the results of our user testing. In addition to allowing the team to fully vet the product design and secure user feedback, they were able to refine the product and the company’s marketing messaging prior to launch.

“Our enterprise work management software was just too complex, and we were stuck on how to simplify it. The Useagility team provided a fresh set of eyes, made us think differently, and got us unstuck. The new prototype design by Useagility got very strong reviews from users.”

Founder & CEO (Client)


Prioritizing Features And Honing Positioning

Our proven design strategy and user-centered methodology helped the team prioritize functionality and simplify the product’s design for optimum ease-of-use. The client’s team went to market with a fully vetted product design, including insights to hone the product positioning at launch.

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