Our client wanted us to redesign a consumer-facing website so prospective clients would quickly understand how their product works and why it’s valuable.

A user-centered approach for a financial services site


Our client had hard data to suggest that enrollments in a particular program weren’t as high as they should be. They asked us to help them analyze their current product and make suggestions to how their marketing team could better compel customers to choose their service.


Using The Right Words To Connect With Customers

Research shows that average college savers don’t always understand what financial advisors are talking about. By testing different concepts for content organization with users, we validated users’ content needs and terminology expectations. This allowed us to prioritize the right calculators to help users complete their tasks and pair them with messaging that resonated with users.

High-Impact Visual Design And Clean, Responsive Design

Our design team added visual appeal to compelling content to optimize conversions, leveraging the client’s brand guidelines combined with modern imagery, graphics, colors, and iconography to bring the design to life. Our front-end development team built the site as clean, fully-responsive code integrating content and SEO, while also ensuring a fully ADA-compliant site with adherence to 508 specifications.

“What stands out is how much they cared about our success even after they delivered our new site. Instead of delivering and stepping away, they have shown a keen interest in the impact the new site will have on business results after they hand it off. The team is responsive as questions and additional needs arise. They take seriously the job of analyzing site traffic and user behavior within the site after launch, with the goal of constant optimization against important conversion metrics.”

- Client, Marketing Program Manager


Tracking Results And Making Continuous Improvements

Once the site was launched, we began analyzing SEO performance, site traffic, and user behaviors. Monitoring key conversion funnels provided the client’s team with valuable and actionable information regarding their audience and site performance. This data ensures they are able to keep making improvements and continue to provide a great user experience to their customers.

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