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User Insights

Identify unmet needs, validate ideas and unlock strategic innovations

We partner with teams seeking customized research and testing solutions for unique business contexts and user environments.

Inform Product Evolution

Hit fast-forward on your innovation strategy.

If you have a fledgling idea that needs shaping or more ideas and feature requests than you can execute, user insights help prioritize your path forward.

Validate Ideas

Guard against expensive development rework.

Whether you are building something new or optimizing an existing product, guard against expensive development rework with usability testing and concept research. Ensure what you want to build will meet customer needs and work the way users expect.

Uncover Motivations

Eliminate guesswork with a deeper understanding of how customers think.

Using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we help you get a clear and accurate picture of your customers – from their expectations, emotions and goals to the steps they take to accomplish tasks and the obstacles they encounter.

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“The user research was a goldmine – that alone was worth the cost of the project. Useagility’s approach to testing unlocked insights about our whole industry, not just the product they were testing. Having a realistic understanding of the state of mind of our users is a valuable filter for strategic decision-making across departments.”

President, DistributorCentral

How We Do It

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Deliver research insights, user validation and usability metrics for a complex online learning platform.

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Provide fresh eyes, unbiased strategic thinking and an alternative to temporary staffing.