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Project Description

Financial Services & Insurance | Web Application
H&R Block Online Tax Products

Iterative usability testing for
online tax filing

Validate and refine interaction designs for do-it-yourself tax products and internal systems used by tax professionals and franchisees.

Supplementing Internal Resources

For nearly a decade, Useagility has served as a trusted UX design and testing partner to supplement H&R Block’s product management and development teams. This long-term relationship allows our team to dive in, get up to speed and deliver value quickly. As an unbiased third-party, we gather user insights and perform usability testing, allowing the internal team to focus on other priorities.

Automating Recruitment to Focus on Testing with Users

Before H&R Block’s development teams spend precious time and resources implementing the latest improvements for each tax year, Useagility conducts usability testing with tax preparers and consumers to identify usability issues. Using the latest tools and technology to streamline outreach, screening and scheduling, our experts spend their time where it has the most impact: Working one-on-one with users to gain valuable insights.

TruckMovers Prototype Example
User-centered design

Simplifying Workflows and Jargon

Usability testing on complex applications like tax software helps identify areas where tax payers may be confused about the process of tax filing or the information they need to get their taxes done. One-on-one, moderated sessions with a UX researcher from Useagility often uncovers simple ways to make the tax filing easier to navigate and less painful by listening to software users explain what they find confusing or listening to the language they use when they describe how they think about taxes.

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