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Project Description

Financial Services & Insurance | Web Application
H&R Block Online Tax Products

Iterative usability testing for
online tax filing

H&R Block is a leader in online tax preparation products. Useagility partners with H&R Block’s internal UX team to ensure that the online, software and mobile apps are user-friendly and accurate via research and usability testing.


Before H&R Block’s development teams spend precious time and resources implementing the latest improvements for each tax year, Useagility tests product concepts and detailed designs with tax preparers and end users utilizing Do-It-Yourself tax prep solutions, minimizing rework and errors and increasing client satisfaction.


In order to perfect H&R Block’s agile strategic planning and research methodology and maximize useful and actionable insights, Useagility works in partnership with internal product managers and the HRB UX team, employing facilitated focus groups using paper prototypes or one-on-one, task-based testing in H&R Block’s UX lab.

TruckMovers Prototype Example
User-centered design

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