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Project Description

3M Health Information Systems – Population Health Management

Simplifying the delivery of complex data

Design dashboards that showcase complex data in a consumable and actionable way.

Data Visualizations Make Complex Information Accessible

Making volumes of complex data accessible and usable is a common theme in today’s data-centric world. We create dashboards with a user interface presenting key data points visually. Using these dashboards, healthcare and insurance leaders can better understand their customers’ utilization of health services, identifying opportunities for cost savings and improvements to quality of care.

Automating UI Design for Consistency and Efficiency

To establish consistency and increase speed of UI development, we created an interactive style guide with CSS and HTML code built in that developers could use to copy and paste. These standardized graphs, charts and other data visualizations—as well as a UI Style Guide and patterns library—enabled disparate development teams to quickly build in a consistent visual standard that enhances the user experience and supports the brand.

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