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Fresh Eyes and Strategic Impact.



When our client—a national leader in promotional products for distributors and retailers—had a key UX staffer on leave in the middle of a critical business cycle, they used the opportunity to enlist our help to get the fresh eyes and unbiased strategic thinking that an outside firm can offer.


User Testing In Early Concept Design

We sketched different conceptual approaches to get user input that was critical to informing the UX strategy. Putting ideas in front of real people before moving into visual design and development gave us confidence that users would adopt this experience and drive the necessary business results.

Act Fast With Developer-Ready CSS Style Guide

One of our client’s goals: Give the development team the design specifications and style guides necessary for them to work quickly and independently to execute the newly optimized ecommerce user experience.

“The user research was a goldmine – that alone was worth the cost of the project. Useagility’s approach to testing unlocked insights about our whole industry, not just the product they were testing. Having a realistic understanding of the state of mind of our users is a valuable filter for strategic decision-making across departments.”

-Jason Nokes



Style Tile for Visual Design

Our custom CSS/HTML Style Guide provided turnkey “copy and paste” page templates and CSS styles that jump-started productivity for their development team.

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