Project Description


Cengage Online Learning Platform

Designing an innovative eLearning system.



As a multi-national educational technology company, Cengage needed user validation and usability metrics for a complex online learning platform.


Rapid, Effective, User Testing Sprints

Given an aggressive project timeline that demanded fast turnaround of insights, we worked collaboratively with Cengage’s product management and UX design teams. We performed a high volume of user testing sessions with college students and university professors over several months. By automating large parts of the recruitment process, we minimized the administrative burden and focused on strategic analysis to deliver insights quickly. Fast results garnered quick and iterative design revisions throughout ongoing testing.

Pairing Research With Design-Thinking

Useagility’s cross-functional research team leverages an agile approach and couples expertise in human factors and qualitative research methodologies with design-thinking to translate research findings into actionable, relevant, and iterative design solutions.

“We put student engagement at the center of everything we do. Useagility helped us listen to students to understand what they’re thinking and feeling and get valuable feedback to test assumptions and make sure our ideas were solving the right problems. We were able to develop an appreciation for what they care about, which allows us to support student success and create new learning experiences.” – Cengage


Quantitative Metrics To Track Improvement

The research methodology included Net Promoter Score (NPS) and System Usability Scale (SUS) metrics for every study. We paired these with qualitative 1:1 moderated research sessions to increase visibility for the product management team to assess progress and validate outcomes.

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