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Digital Product Design

Solving complex business challenges through
user-centered design

We collaborate with our clients to design the products they bring to market and the tools they use to streamline business operations.

Whiteboard Process Flow


Innovation succeeds when users’ pain points are creatively solved in an experience that is effortless and enjoyable.

What We Do

Each Useagility engagement begins with collaborative design and tailored research to deeply understand your unique users. Our team uses these insights—what motivates them, what they expect from your brand, what their real needs are—to shape your product UX to meet your users’ expectations, delivering the business results you need.

Our experienced digital strategists are skilled at working with complex businesses. In order to save you time and money, we test and improve our concepts early by putting low-fidelity prototypes in front of users before building out the design. This ensures that the foundational design framework is aligned with real user needs and expectations—before you burn through your resources.

How We Do It
  • Product strategy
  • Ethnographic/field research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User research and observation
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Competitive/comparative analysis
  • User data analysis
  • Concepting & visualization
  • Visual design strategy
  • Workflow analysis
    What You’ll Receive
  • Synthesized user insights

  • Concept designs

  • Prototypes

  • Journey maps

  • UX Personas

  • High-level visual design strategy

Prototype Design


Great design welcomes your users to their experience, guiding them and helping them meet their goals quickly and easily with your digital products.

What We Do

Our goal is to design a better way of doing things, from building next-generation online learning solutions for nurses to giving truck drivers the information they need to do their jobs from anywhere via a smart phone.

We prototype the big ideas that emerge from the strategy phase we conduct with you, then test those concepts with users to validate and refine the approach and flesh out the user flows before development begins.

How We Do It
  • Interaction design
  • Detailed interactive prototyping
  • Collaborative design workshops
  • Iterative user testing
  • Visual design
  • Data visualization
  • Accessibility and 508 compliance
    What You’ll Receive
  • Information Architecture

  • Interactive Prototypes

  • Visual Design

  • CSS Style Guides

  • Style Tiles and UI Patterns

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

UI Development

Implementing beautiful and functional user interfaces.

What We Do

Once we know what your users need in order to have the best experience, we’ll collaborate closely with your back-end development team (internal or third-party) to make sure our designs can be implemented. We’ll consider the existing infrastructure and make sure the user experience is always a driving factor in design decisions.

We’ll help you reach your users how and where they are. We master the newest front-end technologies including AngularJS, React and HTML5/CSS3. Strategic partnerships extend our development capabilities into mobile and back-end platforms as well.

How We Do It
  • UI development
  • Implementation support
  • Server-side application
    layer integration
    What You’ll Receive
  • Requirements & user stories

  • HTML/CSS guides & templates

  • Static HTML

Our Approach

Our collaborative approach combines your team’s deep knowledge of your business with our expertise in human-centered design. Together we can innovate rapidly and produce the design deliverables your development team needs to bring products to market.

Our user-centered process emphasizes deeply understanding your complex business and its goals, then creating and testing concepts with users. By getting user feedback early and throughout the process, we remove barriers to engagement and refine designs for optimal performance before development takes place.

Useagility Process Diagram
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“We were slowed down because we didn’t have a clear process for our app development. The unbiased critical thinking, understanding and structure that Useagility brought to our project was an important part of our success. They helped us focus so we could design and develop a better product and hit our deadlines more consistently.”

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Principal, DRAW Architecture + Urban Design
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Improve engagement, accommodate mobile use and support easy access to assessments, tools and content.

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Partner with product managers to validate and test concepts and designs for web and mobile apps to increase end user satisfaction.